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Smart Accounting is a range of accounting and productivity applications that operate in a similar way as Excel sheets. From invoicing to expense tracking to accounting.

Smart Accounting has all the tools you need to manage your business. There are no formulas, everything is already set up, from charts of accounts to VAT rates, up to the Balance sheet and various Reports. It also includes the Budget.

Be more effective with the right modules, We know the challenges of working without appropriate systems in place. Our solution combines highly productive features with an intuitive interface.

Work using your preferred language
Don’t struggle with a foreign language in your daily work. Use the one you are most comfortable with, and get reports in the one you need them to be.

Manage your accounts in multiple currencies
Gain a deeper knowledge of your finances with our multi-currency application. A table based approach makes it very intuitive while giving you real time overview and professional results.

Reach a new level of control
Just as you would enter ordinary transactions, you can also put in prevision entries. This gives you an immediate budget. Pilot your future, simulate possible scenarios, make better strategic decisions, achieve your goals.

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